About Us

At Optimum Health International, we strive to connect and educate our visitors with an array of healing modalities that support a healthy lifestyle with a focus on preventive methods that work for you.  We know that prevention is easier, safer, and more enjoyable than struggling to find a cure once you become ill.  We gather awareness, seek inspiration, and strive to educate others about the path toward Optimum Health, feeling good, and preventing illness.  Please join our community today and learn, share, grow and heal with us!  Via our passionate team of health advocates, the Optimum Health community will share cutting-edge health and wellness information with you through social media, videos, newsletters, our interactive website and much more.

Seven years ago I purchased the book “Optimum Health” by Stephen T. Sinatra. Since that time I have developed a diet and nutritional regimen that has improved my overall health... “Optimum Health” has become my bible for wellness.
— Eleanor D. Yarmouth, ME